Your smartphone was made by child slave labourers.

The Dailymail UK , November 19th 2019, headlined a heartbreaking story about child slave laborers in Madagascar: children as young as three who work 16-hour days in 100 degree heat mining mica to power phones, and taking home less than one dollar per week. Mica, a mineral that is used to power planes, cars and phones, that lends luster to paints and cosmetics, and even serves as thermal insulation, is being mined by children!.

Cynthia McFadden who traveled to the country reported that she met a mother of four working with her kids sorting mica in well over 100 degrees weather. There was no shade. They had been there five hours already and had six more hours to go. The five family members are paid less than $3 per week to work from 5am until 6pm, and splitting a bowl of rice for their one daily meal.

These children should never be involved in any form of child labour whether outright slavery, forced labour, drug production or drug trafficking. 

Children who work often do so to support their families so they can eat and have basic necessities. This is very sad!

No child in the world should be treated like this. These children are supposed to be playing with their friends and to be in schools. 

The fact that children in poor countries have to work at such a young age, for a pittance, and in dangerous conditions, is heart wrenching indeed!

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