Why do kids lie? (Video)

You are hoping that your kids would always be honest. Unfortunately, they aren’t.

Why are they like that? (according to Dr Victoria Samuel, Clinical Psychologist)

1. Kids frequently engage in wishful thinking.

He says that he didn’t hit his sister: He wishes that he didn’t.

2. Kids want to avoid the shame of disapproval.

They hide their wrongdoings because they expect punishments.

3. Kids are not comfortable with adult rules.

They lie about finishing homework, in order to be able to go out and play.

4. Low self-esteem kids want to fit in.

They brag or exaggerate to impress others to be their friend.

5. Insecure kids want attention.

They invent some situations to grab the adults’ attention.

6. Kids see adults lying.

They learnt that it is an acceptable behaviour since the adults are doing it.

7. Kids want to protect other kids.

They don’t want other kids to be punished.

8. Kids want to meet their parents’ expectation.

They don’t want their parents to be disappointed with them.

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