Time’s up for unjust capitalism!

According to Liberation News post on November 8, 2019, Capitalism is hurting elders the same way it is hurting youths. A generation-versus-generation approach to politics obscures class-based interests and should be rejected. The problems millennials face are not the fault of the boomers but of the same capitalist system that has been viciously attacking the boomers for decades. As older millionaires, billionaires and corporate oligarchs die off, there will be younger class of capitalists to replace them who will oppress the next generation of workers just as cruelly.

How long should this continue and how many members of the future generations will need to suffer from unbridled and predatory capitalism? The old ways will take a long while to disappear if there’s not much change happening. Let’s start by asserting that time’s up for unjust capitalism! The world owes it to the living generation. We should embrace something better. 

DoGood Team

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