Socmed : Spread the Good Vibes

There’s nothing wrong to voice out an opinion or perspective on something someone had said. But to speak or write something without thinking of the consequences could lead to  unwarranted speculations, more arguments, and hence more misunderstandings .

In today’s cyber world, even small things can become big issues. So, let’s focus on the positive side and spread good vibes among us and help each other to become  better persons.

DoGood Team

DoGood (PPM-029-10-04052018) is a digital advocate for a divinely inspired way of life. We manage multiple projects across all races, faiths and localities. We serve as a research and learning centre, focusing on good moral values and practices, and actively enjoining good and forbidding evil. We cover all social, economic and political aspects of human life and the environment, and strive for a better world for all. Who's behind DoGood Team?

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