Regional Youth Convention 2021: “Big Data: Reimagining Its Social Impact”

Regional Youth Convention 2021: “Big Data: Reimagining Its Social Impact”In today’s age of technological advancements, people say “data is gold.” Well, that is pretty much captivating for those in the line of profit-making.

But what about non-profit social causes? Does this ‘gold’ matter?

If you are either a social activist, Muslim activist, student, IT graduate or executive, educator, influencer, asatizah, or you are a Muslim youth anywhere in Southeast Asia who aspire to contribute a greater benefit to our community and our ummah, then this event was for you.

Regional Youth Convention (RYC) is a youth-empowered annual gathering inaugurated 5 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After that, Thailand and the Philippines have also become the country host for RYC.

This year, we, DoGood was the main co-organizer of RYC2021 alongside our amazing partners: Malaysian Research and Education Foundation (MyREF), Sarawak Islamic Information Centre (IIC), HIKMAH Wilayah Persekutuan, and Youth Da’wah for Peace, Philippines.

RYC2021 focused on initiating the collective efforts of the youths to utilise the innovative opportunity of big data analytics to reach our common goal of becoming successful leaders and da’ies, and thus reimagining and reshaping the impact of our work on social causes.

Together with more than 300 virtual participants and 5 key experts from all over Southeast Asia and live translation to Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic language, we dived into “Big Data: Reimagining Its Social Impact” as follows:

  • A deep dive into the history, the present and the future of Big Data
  • Look into data-related advancements
  • How the youth intertwines with data
  • Utilising data to create a bigger impact
  • Ar-Rasul’s da’wah and how data empowered his continuing mission
  • Case studies on data utilisation
  • A class on big data tools for social causes

You can find out more about RYC2021 here:

Psst! So, what was the answer to the question above? The answer is yes, social causes need this ‘gold’. Because in social causes, having a heart of gold is not enough. To achieve a gold standard solution to social issues, big data is the gold dust to be mined.

DoGood Team

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