Reach out before it becomes too late

The world for many domestic abuse victims can be lonely, isolated, and filled with fear. Sometimes, reaching out and letting them know that you are there for them can provide tremendous relief.

If you are going through this or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence, you can contact Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) at WAO Hotline: +603 7956 3488 (Mon to Sat: 9am – 5pm. Extended hours on Tues, Wed & Fri: 7pm – 10pm) or SMS/WhatsApp TINA: +6018 988 8058 (24 hours) for Malaysia. 

Remember, you are not alone. Seek help!

If you are going through a hard time or know someone who is in need of help, you can get counselling services here:

Do not join Facebook groups or talk to those who are not trained to handle depression, they will only make things worse.  Seek help, you deserve it.

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