Fighting Your Private Battle of Emotions

Having depression can cause severe hardships in life, which can lead to harming yourself and even attempting suicide. When pressures had been building up for months or years in your life from so many different directions,  it was almost inevitable that something would give way. 

You start to shut people away as you struggle with your own fear of living. 

In a flash, when you see no end in sight, no resurrection, no rebirth, and death becomes attractive. 

Imagine you are more afraid of living than dying. 

Yet, some people would say that all you need is to think positive, spend time with family,  pray or change your lifestyle in a healthy way. 

Argh…saying is so easy.

The suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade back in 2018 shocked millions of fans. 

“If money could buy us happiness then some of the richest people on earth would be more than one million times happier!” – Avijeet Das

Truth is, depression is not something that can be healed easily in a short time with one time advice or routine medication. 

More are needed, like:

  • Love and care from family and friends 
  • The self will of the victims themselves.

These have to be sustained or depression may always come back. 

Here’s the role you can play to help a family member or a friend cope with their depression:

  • Give your companionship and support 
  • Start by learning all you can about depression and how best to talk about it with the victim.
  • But as you reach out, don’t forget to look after your own emotional health. You need to have so you can give it. 

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