In case you don’t realise it, hate and hurtful comments can kill.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue K-pop star Sulli, who died at aged 25, had been subject to ‘malicious’ online comments. Known for speaking her mind, Sulli often chose not to conform to the strict and conservative norms imposed on South Korean celebrities.

In June, the actress addressed her haters on a “Night of Hate Comments”, a variety programme where celebrities discuss comments made about them online. According to entertainment site Soompi, when asked about criticisms that she sometimes did not wear a bra in photos posted online, Sulli said: “I think this is about the freedom of the individual. Bras aren’t good for your health. They have a wire. They’re not good for your digestive organs, and I have issues with my digestion. Since it’s more comfortable not to, I don’t wear them. I think that it’s free and beautiful.”

Among the other comments discussed on the episode include people calling her an “attention seeker” and allegations that she uses illegal drugs. – BusinessInsider

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Death is a scary thing everyone is afraid of. But if you see a person chose death over living doesn’t that mean that “HUMANS” are scarier than death?

Much hateful and negative comments can cause severe damage to the soul. You may give up everything and that’s including the will to live. Yes! Depression kills. 

Cyberbullying is a very serious issue. With the power of anonymity, people can verbally attack others over social networking sites. Most often they go after public figures or young people with low self-esteem or a low circle of friends. People would never know how the targets were impacted by any criticism until such time that they can’t bear it any longer. Some people can be worse with their words just like a criminal stabbing a person to death. How cruel and sad! 

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