Beware of the fake social media profiles!

In a new blog post, A Secure Life – which helps people find security systems – reported  the results of a 500-person poll conducted in September 2019 via Pollfish. People who were self-employed or unable to work weren’t eligible.Beware of the fake social media profiles!.

The charts above, delving into the percentage of the lies told, show the tip of the iceberg. That 26 percent of people have created at least one fake social media profile is bad enough, even though it’s not a huge shock. But the lies on dating profiles, job applications, resumes, and housing applications show people are desperate to get what they want. – PCMag Asia (November 21, 2019).

This raises the burning question : Can you really trust anyone through the Internet?

Granted that background checks aren’t quite the norm yet even in all forms of business, but they’re getting there. 

Can you trust a stranger on social media?

The Internet has become a world of social media and connections. Whatever your wish or desire, you can find it online including people who share commonalities with even your most unusual interest. 

The downside of  this blessing of internet expansion, however, is that fake profiles and accounts have increased rapidly over the years. And a lot of people have actually fallen for these fake profiles. They believe there is an authentic person behind each profile, someone they knew, or possibly someone a friend knew. 

Dating and romance scams, for example, often take place through online dating websites, but scammers may also use social media to make contact. They  may use your friends’ or family members’ profiles to create fake online profiles designed to lure you in. They may use a fictional name, or falsely take on the identity of any other individuals. All this information will be used to manipulate you into doing  what they want such as asking for financial help or wanting to meet you up in person for a date. You could even be kidnapped or your house raided. Your friends and families could be in danger too. 

So be extra careful of accepting or approving any ‘friend’s request on social media. Do some research about the persons whom you don’t really know. Prevention is better than cure. 

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