About us

Youthsetter (formerly known as DoGood) is a public service initiative that has been created by a team of peace loving individuals to promote and inspire positive and constructive universal values that will help make the world we live in today a better place for all.


Because today we are living in an age of misinformation, littered with so many lies and fake news from unprincipled media and lobbyists, motivated and driven by vested political and business agendas.

We are being manipulated by false events and public opinion diversion tactics which serve the interests of scheming corporations, war sponsoring military industrial complexes, and self-serving institutions.

Given such a scenario, youths have a very pertinent role to play – to unearth and disseminate the truths of the matter behind those manipulations, distortions, and diversions, and with the truths, pave the way for doable solutions.

In the process of this engagement, let us also share the good tidings regarding common principles and values, of good practices and systems that will enhance the moral quality and meaning of our existence, especially for the future generation.



  • To recognise, acknowledge and understand the whats and whys of some of the most urgent problems, issues and challenges that the contemporary world is facing, with a view to offer practical solutions.
  • To engage youths in shaping our future leadership. With their dynamism and courage youths can be empowered to be part of the solutions for a better future.


Youths are to be encouraged and empowered through social media to view the world in fresh and holistic perspectives so they can help construct a better environment for future generations to live in.


Preparing youths with critical information and awareness and to nurture their leadership skills for a better society.

Our Areas of Concern

Economic, political and social problems, together with social-media, moral, hate speech, and environmental issues.

Youths have a role to examine the current status of our society. It is an open secret that many have suffered enough from decades of mischief, injustice, discrimination, misuse and abuse of power, and endemic corruption in the hands of unscrupulous and greedy individuals and groups.

World issues have always been there but now is the time to bring them to the eyes and hearts of the youths. It is not unbelievable that they may be the ones to come up with the panacea.

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