100 days of New Malaysia: It’s time for Paradigm Shift (Video)


Malaysia’s General Election (GE14) on May 9, 2018, resulted in a change in the country’s ruling party
for the first time in 60 years, since the country’s independence.

People marked this as a moment for a huge change: revamping the system, going for true accountability & competency-based, the practice of public transparency, liberty of press & voice of the people.

100 days: While the leaders are on it, here are the new paradigms the people should shift to:

1. Putting a halt on irresponsible & fake news, propaganda

With the openness of the leaders now, fake news, propaganda & irresponsible media will be a diversion from the country’s progress.

2. Embracing healthy check & balance

After the 60 years of one-party rule, it’s time to have a two-party system within the scope of democracy,
for people could simply switch between parties for each general election based on their performances.

3. Nurturing a society which upholds good moral & universal values

The bad ol’ times — racism, religious discrimination, bad attitude & discipline, prejudice and most importantly giving the signal before changing your lane — should be left behind us.

4. Participating & contributing ideas

With the blessing of social media, people should take the opportunity to communicate more with their leaders. Share our ideas & opinions with them for the betterment of the country.

5. Putting integrity & competency under spotlight

Gone were the days when sentiments & discrimination justified concealing misuse of power & appointment of incompetent officials. This applies to people from all levels too, not just the country leaders!

6. Encouraging healthy debate & discussion

Today’s age of information should invalidate indoctrination & voice oppression. Debates & discussions should be encouraged & conducted in responsible & healthy ways to seek the best solutions & for the people to evaluate.

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